About Us

The South Carolina Walking Horse Association, Inc. (SCWHA) is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes.  The educational focus of the SCWHA is achieved through providing education to the members of the SCWHA and the public at large.  The educational purpose is (1) to increase public awareness of the natural abilities of the Tennessee Walking Horse (2) to promote the general welfare of the Tennessee Walking Horse, including education regarding humane and ethical treatment ( in full support of the Horse Protection Act ), and to increase proficiency in all matters of horsemanship and sportsmanship (3) to generate growth and support of the SCWHA by creating a forum and a communication hub to promote education and disseminate information on issues related to the Tennessee Walking Horse. 

The SCWHA supports charities that benefit families and children for the entire state of South Carolina.  This is achieved by using the increased awareness and interest in the Tennessee Walking Horse (brought about by the educational focus) to raise money through horse shows and events.  The proceeds of these efforts are (1) donated to pre-designated charities and (2) awarded in the form of annual scholarships to provide additional support to the college age youth of the SCWHA.